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 At Tide-E Bottoms, we specialize in providing top-quality in-water hull cleaning and survey services for boat owners in both the beautiful Eastern Shore as well as the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. As fellow boat owners, we offer services we want when allowing others to work on our vessel. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results whether you have a sailboat, powerboat, or commercial vessel. We have the expertise to keep your hull clean and well-maintained. Every time we dive your vessel, we produce photos of before and after, and of any issues we find below your waterline. 

We are licensed and insured, while being centrally located in Nassawadox, Virginia. We service nearly all marinas and boat docks on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, with scheduling available in the Hampton Roads area.


Hull Cleaning

Our hull cleaning service includes the removal of algae, barnacles, and other marine growth, leaving your boat's hull smooth and clean for improved performance. 

Barnacle Removal

Say goodbye to stubborn barnacles with our specialized removal techniques, restoring your boat's speed and fuel efficiency.

Propeller, Zinc, and Anode Inspection 

We offer professional prop, zinc, and anode inspection.

Need replacement? We will be happy to remove and replace old zincs and anodes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of in-water hull cleaning?

In-water hull cleaning improves fuel efficiency, enhances maneuverability, and increases vessel speed. It also puts eyes on the least seen part of your boat below the waterline. A clean hull ultimately enhances enjoyment of your vessel while extending the life of your boat. For most boat owners, in-water cleanings are prefered to expensive haul outs. 

How often should I have my boats hull cleaned?

This depends on usage. We recommend scheduling hull cleaning every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimal performance and protect your boat from long-term damage. Sedentary boats tend to develop growth quicker. So if your boat doesn't leave the dock regularly, you might want to schedule closer to 4 weeks rather than 6. 

Is in-water hull cleaning safe for the marine environment?

Yes, our in-water cleaning methods are designed to be environmentally friendly and compliant with marine conservation regulations. We do not use any solvents. When knocking growth off of a hull, we are feeding the existing marine life located in the marina. We are removing sealife that the marine environment produced. 

What is your approach to in-water hull cleaning?

It depends on the degree of buildup. We refrain from using detergents or abbrasive tools on any part of the hull to preserve the expensive bottom paint. We use sponges, rags, large scouring pads, and synthetic brushes to remove algea and growth buildup. Wire brushes and metal scrapers are reserved for metal surfaces only such as propellers, propeller shafts, and metal struts. 

Is there any prep work needed by me?

In short, no. Our divers just need a dirty bottom and your vessels location. We require access to an outlet either on your shore power pedestal or on your vessel. 

How much does it cost?

That's the ultimate question, right? We charge $3.00 to $5.00 per foot. This depends on the draft of your vessel and the time between cleanings. We do have a minimum charge of $100 per cleaning. Additional charges apply for anode replacements. 

Do you replace zincs?

We sure do! We charge a $25 per annode replacement fee plus the cost of the annode. If you do not have annodes, or don't know what type you need... we got you! We will measure your annodes, and procure them for replacement. All annodes are purchased from West Marine. But if you purchase your own annodes, we will happily replace them for you.  

What payment types are accepted?

Cash is king. We accept checks and CashApp, and credit cards via Square. When using credit cards, there is a 4% Square usage fee applied to your total.


Tide-E Bottoms

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About us

Tide E Bottoms is a locally owned business with a passion for preserving the beauty and performance of boats through our in-water hull cleaning services. With 10 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we have become the go-to choice for boat owners on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, Hampton Roads, and beyond. Our environmentally friendly approach ensures that your boat and the marine ecosystem remain unharmed. We take pride in delivering exceptional results and building long-lasting relationships with our clients.